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Computer room administration made easy

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Web computer laboratory administrator.



This project is still in development stage. Use it under your own risk because it doesn't come with any kind of warranty.


Before installing it is required:

How to install

Install from release file

Go to releases page and download the ones who fits you most.

Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint .deb

After downloading, execute:

sudo dpkg -i aton-VERSION.deb
mysql -p < /usr/share/aton/conf/default/create.sql

Uninstalling from release file

Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint

sudo apt-get remove aton

Compile from source code

Compile requirements

You will need to have installed:

Clone GitHub repository

git clone

Try it in non-production mode

activator run

Compile it with activator

You can generate your own native package with the following syntax

activator [target]:packageBin

target can be replaced depending on the target package format. The following are included:


When you install from a release file you will have a service called aton in your system (For reference, located in /etc/init/aton.conf) that can be managed with service:


By default, Aton uses Play Framework's default port: 9000. If you want to start Aton on another port, you can do it by editing the service script /etc/init/aton.conf. You will need to look for a segment similar to

# Start the process
  exec sudo -u aton bin/aton
end script

And add -Dhttp.port=THE_NEW_PORT

# Start the process
  exec sudo -u aton bin/aton -Dhttp.port=8080
end script


Thanks to LIS, Aton could be tested on a real 80 computers environment. The system specifications was:

Aton server

Managed computers